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Welcome to the University of Nebraska Press’s
Calendar of the Letters
Henry James
A Biographical Register of
Henry James’s Correspondents

We are pleased to offer this resource for your pleasure, study, or intensive research.

This Web site provides access to a database of all known letters written by Henry James and brief biographical information on the recipients of these letters. In addition, it lists all publication sources of the letters, the repositories where the letters are held, and statistics of collected letters are provided.

The Henry James Calendar/Register is a work in progress; we welcome any information on extant James correspondence not represented in this resource. Please direct any sources on this subject to our authors.

You do not need to request our permission to link to the Web site, or to individual items within it. We ask, however, that your links to the Calendar/Register as a whole always be directed to this Welcome page (, and that links to individual items within the Calendar/Register also be accompanied by a link leading back to this Welcome page.

For best results, access the Calendar/Register with the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

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